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MMOC – What We’re All About

Back in 1928, a group of motorcycle officers founded our Association. Since our beginning we have been dedicated to public service. Today we have over 1300 motorcycle officers who are ACTIVE MEMBERS, representing 206 law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

In addition, we have ASSOCIATE MEMBERS that work in law enforcement who are non-riding and ENGAGED IN MAKING OR ENFORCING TRAFFIC LAWS in the State of California. These members are law enforcement Officers, Judges, Mayors, Chiefs, Councilpersons, Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs, District Attorneys, and City, Municipal, County and State Officials.

We have HONORARY MEMBERS who are prominent, concerned citizens who are interested and supportive of our public service endeavors.

It is the common goal of MMOC to safeguard communities through promotion of education and awareness of SAFE DRIVING PRACTICES. Traffic safety programs are conducted through the schools and publicized by all available mediums of dissemination. Within these programs the dangers of the Three Deadly “Ds” are being introduced DRUGS, DRINKING, AND DRIVING. These programs are endorsed by teachers, welcomed by parents and acknowledged by community members, a strong indication that they are effective. Select groups continue to expand in cooperation with police departments throughout California.

Through our educational efforts we distributed bicycle safety rules cards, reflective bicycle triangles, coloring books, “Don’t Use Drugs” bumper stickers, and traffic safety brochures on “Buckle Up.” We also use public service announcements, and safety reminders, which continue to be informative tools in our efforts to reach the public.

MMOC monitors and reviews the proposed and the new laws of the Vehicle Code through our membership in the California Motor Vehicle Conference. Also important to us is fair and impartial application of the Code and Traffic Ordinances. These are based on a uniform code throughout the State and have a high priority.

Our contact with Motorcycle Training Centers for novice and experienced riders works closely with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. These centers enable students to get a better understanding and appreciation for laws, hazards of the highways and road courtesy. These classes teach them how to ride safely and defensively.

These endeavors are the basis and foundation of our organization. We receive no monies from any City, County, State or Federal Grants. We are a self supporting organization through advertising programs in our annual publication “THE SIREN,” family shows, rodeos, and other local campaigns throughout the State each year.