Thomas Lofthouse Memorial Fund

The Thomas Sylvester Lofthouse Memorial Fund was established

in 1989 by the Board of Directors to honor our founder and first

President. A donation of $100.00 in memory of a departed

member is placed in a special memorial fund and their name

memorialized on the Memorial Plaque maintained in

the Corporate office. This fund money can only be used in

emergency contingencies as directed by the Directors on the

Board. If you are interested in making a donation, donations can

be sent to the MMOC Thomas S. Lofthouse fund at 208 S.

Barranca Ave., Suite 8, Glendora, Ca. 91741.

1 Benjamin “Ben” Russell, Los Angeles P. D. Anne Belle Russell
2 Clyde E. Nyquist, Sacramento P. D. Al Nichols
3 Willam J. Kinney, Sacramento P. D. Al Nichols
4 Robert L. Wirht, San Jose P. D. Fred Mullins
5 Paul Houghton, Los Angeles P. D. Eleanor Houghton
6 Louis J. Fuller, Los Angeles P. D. H. L. Harrison
7 Randol “Randy” Marshall, Los Angeles P. D. Kerry Ray, C. K. Willams, Baron Laetzsch, J.J. Leonard, Bob Hossfeld, Mike Bissett, Bob Luxford, John Shanks, Ray Bielman, Ed Harper,
8 Allan A. DeLapp, Los Angeles P. D. Kerry Ray
9 Billie E. McClure, Los Angeles P. D. Marian McClure
10 Carl E. Perscheid, San Francisco P. D. Walter L. Perscheid
11 Harry Jensen, San Francisco P. D. John Ostoich
12 Charles M. Schwab, Oakland P. D. Virginia Schwab
13 Norman K. Dunn, Los Angeles P. D. Patricia L. Dunn
14 Waldemar L. Jentzsch, San Francisco P. D. John Ostoich
15 Charles “Jack” Lyons, Los Angeles P. D. Tom & Jean Lofthouse
16 Frank R. Boze, Santa Cruz P. D. Tom Marketello
17 Ray R. Hickey, Los Angeles P. D. Helen Hickey
18 H. I. “Brick” Harrison, Los Angeles P. D. Cecilla A. Harrison
29 Stanley A. Newman, Bakersfield P. D. Clementine M. Newman
20 Eugene A. Varni, San Francisco P. D. Harvey Harrison, Dick Knell
21 Richard A. Erickson, San Jose P. D. Fred Mullins
22 Willis A. Casey, San Francisco P. D. San Francisco Traffic Bureau
23 Michael Mann, Broadmoor P. D. J. J. Leonard
24 John J. Ostoich, Monterey Park P. D. Friends & Relatives
25 Milton “Milt” Habelt, Oakland P. D. Clay Campbell
26 Gene “Tom” Harris, Burlingame P. D. Mr. & Mrs. Bourquin
27 Thomas E. Alexander, San Jose P. D. Dick Knell, David Byers, Bruce Morton, Dick Tush, Roger Malcolm
28 David C. Schmid, Los Angeles P. D. David A. Lowenthal
29 Bernard “Bud” Casper, Los Angeles P. D. Ruth M. Casper
30 William D. Freedland, Monterey Park P. D. Tom & Suszie Tullius
31 Martin Ganz, Manhatten Beach P. D. Pam Ham
32 Clarence “Wayne” Dean, Los Angeles P. D. David Lowenthal
33 Raymond A. Messerly, Los Angeles P. D. L. A. P. D. Drill Team
34 Charles W. Wood, Los Angeles P. D. Lee “Lilybel” Wood
35 Michael P. Dumenberger, Daly City Daly City P.D. Motor Officers
36 Blass N. Skvicalo, Los Angeles P. D. Marguerite L. Skvicalo
37 Clifford H.Enos, San Diego P. D. Ken Anderson
38 Wilfred “Irish” O’Neal, San Diego P. D. Ken Anderson
39 Charle Schreck, San Diego P. D. Joe Appell, Ken Anderson
40 Bob Bunter, Santa Cruz P. D. Tom Marketello, Tom Vlassis
41 Van Johnson, Los Angeles P. D. Darrell Hinson, Mike Bissett
42 Fred Joseph, San Francisco P. D. Mary Joseph
43 Edward A. Franke Sr., San Francisco P. D. Fred Franke
44 Ernie Marenghi, Santa Cruz P. D. Roy A. Seghetti
45 Joseph R. Bravot, San Francisco P. D. Asmarah Bravot
46 William “Bill” Sowersby, Oakland P. D. Jen & Gary Thompson, Lee & Marilyn Sowersby
47 Edward R. Nelson, Los Angeles P. D. Peggy & Doug Laird
48 William Charles Gertig, Los Angeles P. D. Gary William Gertig
49 Cy “Skipper” Taylor, Chula Vista P. D. Jack Fry, Ken Anderson
50 Kenneth A. “Sarge” Metcalf, So. San Francisco P. D. Bill & Kathy Osborn, Norm & Jean Solari
51 Edward J. Collins, Los Angeles P. D. Elizabeth Collins
52 Russell H. Rose, So. Pasadena P. D. Robert D. Nonemaker
53 Walter L. Perscheid, San Francisco P. D. Walter Jr., Sharon & Inger Perscheid
54 Elmer I. Klein, San Jose P. D. Lou Anna Klein, & Rolland Miller
55 Vern Montgomery, Oakland P. D. Dennis Brown
56 Frank Cava, CHP / OPD Dennis Brown
57 Gourney H. Turner, Los Angeles P. D. Mark Murray & Gene Gray
58 Fred “Moon” Mullins, San Jose P. D. Gene Gray, Mark Murray
59 Ronald Keller, L. A. P. D. Gene Gray
60 Albert Agular, San Francisco P. D. Doug Foss, Geroge Firchow
61 Robert Hooper, San Francisco P. D. George Firchow, Doug Foss
62 George Paras, San Francisco P. D. Harriet Varni
63 A. Ron Perkins, Culver City P. D. Ron Perkins
64 David Longacher, San Jose P. D. Rich Bailey, Kim Wirht
65 Richard “Dick” Knell, San Jose P. D. Gene Gray, Rich Bailey, Kim Wirht, John & Linda Low
66 Tom Marketello, Santa Cruz P.D. Tom Vlassis, Steve Belcher
67 Phillip Baker Stone, Culver City P.D. Jeremy Stone, Phillip Stone (Sons
68 Norm Solari, San Mateo County S.O. William R. Osborn
69 Jim Needham, Santa Monica P.D. Richard Frederickson
70 Robert Hossfeld, Los Angeles P.D. Gene Gray, Dennis Brown
71 John Joseph Leonard, Los Angeles P.D. Gene Gray
72 Paul Dennis Salerno, San Jose P.D. Rich Baily, Kim Wirht
73 Douglas Glenn Foss, San Francisco P.D. Gene Gray
74 Bud Harper, Los Angeles P.D. Gene Gray
75 C.K. Williams, Los Angeles P.D. Dennis Brown, Cliff Heanes, Phil Dudley, Harry J. DeSilva
76 Ernest M. Hovard Pasadena P.D. Gene Gray
77 Benjamin F. Van Devender, Los Angeles P.D. Gene Gray, Cliff Heanes
78 Larry L. Lucas, Oakland P.D. Doug Wayne
79 Richard A. Cademartori, Oakland P.D. Doug Wayne, Dennis Brown