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MMOC Board of Directors, 2016-2017

Chuck Rabaut

President: Chuck Rabaut – Huron P.D.

I began my career in law enforcement as a Police Intern with San Jose PD in 1981. I started the San Jose Police Academy in January of 1982. During my eclectic career, I have worked as a fully-sworn employee for 10 different agencies (*note: There were several periods of simultaneous dual agency employment). I was fortunate enough to have worked my way from Police Officer, up to Chief and then back down to Officer; whilst still enjoying many assignments, like 4 years in S.W.A.T. and over 20 as a Motor/Traffic Officer, although not always on 2-wheels. 34 years goes by pretty darn quick when you’re having fun, staying busy with work & family. I’ve retired 3 times thus far (got the retired ID’s & and badges to prove it) but am still blessed to be working part-time as a designated full-time Officer, in the sprawling metropolis of Huron California. I live in Grover Beach with my wife, kids, and the dogs. I have been a member of MMOC since 1986 and would be sincerely honored to work with our membership, as we revitalize our illustriously historic organization.

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Larry Hodson

Vice President: Larry Hodson – Oakland P.D. – Retired

As the new kid on the block, a brief introduction is in order; I was a Police Officer at the Oakland Police Department from 9 Feb 1972 to 11 Feb 1997. As such, I worked Patrol, flew helicopters and rode Harley Motors. Not sure which Pro-Pay endeavor vibrated the most, but they sure were fun.

I’ve been an MMOC member for 31 years, and at the 85th Annual Convention I volunteered to become a Board member and the new Editor/Publisher of this Siren.

Formerly blonde and now grey in California, Larry Hodson.

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Mark Murray

Director: Mark Murray – San Leandro P.D. – Retired

San Leandro Police Dept. 1977 -2003. Of those years 16 plus on motors. I also worked commercial enforcement and headed up COSAC, Commercial Officers of Southern Alameda County, a task force of roving commercial enforcement. I have been a member of MMOC since 1984 and served on the Board in 2003 and as President in 2006.
In 2008 I moved from the Bay Area to Plumas Co. and enjoy retirement with my wife Helen.

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Jim Davis

Director: Jim Davis – Los Angeles P.D. – Retired

I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, City of Los Angeles. After High School and one semester of College, I enlisted in the US Navy (1964 – 1968) serving two tours of duty in Southeast Asia, Vietnam (6/1/1966 – 1/30/68). I joined the Los Angeles Police Department on August 11, 1968 and spent 31 plus years with the department working uniform patrol, Metropolitan Division (crime suppression unit), Vice, air support (observer) and traffic, specifically traffic enforcement on motorcycles – 19.5 years as a police officer and 3.5 years as a Sergeant. I joined MMOC in 1993 becoming a Director in 2002 and President of MMOC 2004-2005. I remain an active member of MMOC and am currently serving as a Director for 2016 -2017.  I reside in Northridge, CA with my wife, Winnie, and together we have three children and four grandchildren with the youngest #4 being born November 18, 2016.

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Director: Doug Wayne – Oakland P.D. – Retired

After serving 4 years (1974-78) in the USMC, I joined the Oakland Police Dept. in 1978. I went to the OPD motor school in November 1982, taught by 3 great OPD instructors, Rich Cademartori, Don Lopes and Fred Foster. In 1983, I transferred to OPD motors and joined MMOC in 1984. I spent 12 years on motors, both as an Officer and a Sergeant (and fortunate enough to be a motor instructor for 5 yrs.) Needless to say, those were the best 12 yrs. of my 26+ year career! I retired in 2004 and have been living the good life, with my wife, Cathy, ever since. For the last 8 years, I have been the webmaster for the MMOC website. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I strive to keep the information current and relevant. As with the website, I welcome any suggestions, any of you may have, to make our organization better. Please feel free to contact me about any issue regarding the MMOC.

Take care and ride safe, Doug Wayne

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Support Staff:

Treasurer: Gene Gray
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Secretary: Rhoda Nishiyama (Brown)
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Quartermaster: Cliff Heanes
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Webmaster: Doug Wayne
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