31st Annual Ride – Exploring Los Padres National Forest Area

29 May thru 05 June 2024

President Wayne and I had quite an experience
earlier this month as we had the privilege of
escorting military veterans and their supporters as
they bicycled along the pacific coastline and
throughout the Los Padres National Forest area
during Project Hero. During that escort we found
several great motorcycle roads. This included
Stagecoach road starting southeast of Solvang, and
Hwy. 154 which started northwest of Solvang and
ended just above Santa Barbara. That road had a
nice high speed 2-lane highway with light traffic and
sweeping turns. One of the other roads was East
Carmel Valley road, which runs from Carmel to King
City. This road is freshly paved and climbs up to
4500 ft. Other roads, mostly county roads, all had
light traffic and good to great road surfaces. There
are more than enough roads to keep us happy for
several days. When we pass thru the Santa Inez
valley we have a photo opportunity at the gates of
Neverland. Right now my plan is to take two days to
ride to and stay at the Santa Maria Inn and use that
as our home base. We are looking at a mid-to-late
May time. Hope to see all the MMOC riders then.
Please contact me if you intend to join us, or if you
have any questions. I will provide the hotel
information when you get in touch with me.
Ed “Dewey” Pressnell — Ride Director
(510) 301-1804