The Beehive State Once Again Welcomes MMOC

23rd Annual MMOC Ride Recap Eastbound on US-50 through Nevada, I’m compelled to take issue with Aristotle who some 330 years BC theorized the earth was round. As heat risers drift skyward off the flat barren plains outside Ely I swear I can see the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern seaboard. Is that delirium from [...]

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The B.O.L.D.F.A.R.T.S. or 22nd Annual MMOC Ride?

BOLDFARTS 22nd Annual MMOC Ride A disclaimer: The following is a semi-official recap of the officially cancelled 22nd Annual MMOC July Ride scheduled for August 17-20 but convened August 3rd thru the 7th in conjunction with a previously scheduled Brotherhood of Oddball Loquacious Dinosaurs with Fractionally Advanced Riding TechniqueS non official MMOC ride to Show [...]

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Your Mileage May Vary

20th Annual MMOC Ride Recap As the crow flies, Gilroy to Bakersfield: 157.5 miles. Same debarkation and terminus points via freeway and primary roads: 216 miles. The scenic, memorable and no-doze MMOC road-path: 371 miles. Buried deep within a chasm in central California lies a winding ribbon of asphalt roadway encapsulated by the heavenly Los [...]

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